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New Imprinted Kraft Tote Bag– The Ultimate Eco Bag

Eco Marketing Solutions is the leader in custom printed tote bags for trade showsAustin, Texas:  In honor of Earth Day, Eco Marketing Solutions has introduced a new product onto the market that has been all the rage-a custom imprinted tote bag made with Kraft on the outside and recycled polypropylene on the inside.

This bag can be used for a coloring contest, as kids of all ages and use soy based or other crayons to draw on the outside.  Robert Piller, President of Eco Marketing Solutions says, “You can hold a coloring contest event to showcase the children’s talent and offer prizes to the top designs per age group.  This interactive event will encourage participation and the  tote bags will be THE ONE that parents will take with them everywhere–reinforcing your brand name and reputation.  Each bag will become a one-of-a-kind walking billboard for your company.”

The custom printed tote bags are reusable and recyclable and are under $2.00 each  You can choose from green, brown or black trim and handles.

To order, contact Eco Marketing Solutions at 512-507-4709 or visit their website: www.ecomarketingsolutions.com.

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