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Custom Imprinted Recycled Knit Work Gloves

Eco-Friendly Knit Work Gloves

Fall is nearing and our knit gloves made of 100% recycled material are just the promotional product you need. Our knit work gloves are made of 100% recycled materials, eco-friendly and have a  reversible design with elasticized wrist .What a  great promotional product for fall and winter runs and marathons. This knit glove reduces pollution and waste, while utilizing materials that would otherwise be discarded into landfills. They are produced from the excess fabric of newly constructed clothing and contain minimal  dyes. It takes much less energy to use recycled materials to make new products.

You can order the gloves in quantities of 480 pieces and prices start at under $2 wholesale a pair. They come in a variety of colored trims.

For more information, visit www.ecomarketingsolutions.com or click on the picture to the left.

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