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Time for Flu Fighting Imprinted Hand Sanitizers

custom logo hand sanitizer spray or lotionAustin, Texas: This fall and winter, cold and flu season will be at its peak.

Protect your employees, and your customers, with custom imprinted hand sanitizers, featuring your logo and imprint message.

This year’s flu and germ survey, which polled more than 150 U.S. office workers, revealed some of the workforce’s cleaning and health habits at the office. For example:

  •  “Sick days” may be a thing of the past: While nearly one-third of respondents’ companies have sick day policies, more than 60 percent of employees felt compelled to go into work because there was “too much going on” or felt the need to “tough it out.”
  • More than your inbox needs cleaning: People are more consumed with cleaning their e-mail inbox than their physical workspace. Nearly half of all workers clean their in-boxes at least once a day, whereas only 15 percent clean their physical workplace at least once a day.
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