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Die-Cut Seeded Globe Ornament

Eco-Friendly Globe Ornament Holiday Card
The holidays are just around the corner and we have just the promotional product for you.  These die-cut seeded globe ornament insert is the perfect eco-friendly item to greet all of your clients and it also keeps your name out there.

A beautiful and unique holiday giveaway, the GIO/RIO/HIO integrates a festive seed paper shape into a cardstock holder designed to resemble classic holiday ornament. Choose from an Earth (GIO), recycle symbol (RIO) or a beautiful letterpress design (HIO) shape. Your custom message is printed on cardstock in full-color and finishing with natural hemp tie or ribbon for hanging. Our seed paper is 100% recycled and embeddded with wildflower seeds. 2.875″ W x 3.625″ L

Click on this link for more information on all our seeded globe Holiday gifts or visit www.ecomarketingsolutions.com

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